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Casino Strategy and tips

Every casino has its way to separate your money from your wallet, it's no secret, but there are also ways to tilt the house's edge in your favor. You hear every now and then about gamblers that actually make gambling as their day job and there's nothing special about it. Just think about, casino games, such as roulette or baccarat or poker are not complicated games, they have they strict rules and some house edge which surrounds 2%-5%, the same risk you can have when you put your money on stocks, and there's even a greater risks when it comes to stocks than there is in regular casino games, so, how come the average broker, which is a gambler too, makes more money than you?

The answer is simple – knowledge. While brokers go through 3-4 years of college education the average gambler read about 1-2 gambling books and he consider himself as a "knowledgeable player", which is completely wrong. If you're serious, and you want to make money from online or land based casinos you must learn three important things: Discipline, Money management and knowledge.

Discipline is what every successful gambler has, and there are so few of them. You must understand that if you seek to make money from casinos you must learn that it is not simply "a game" it is an investment, one which requires your full attention and seriousness.

Knowledge is anything. It includes basic rules, strategy guides (from "novice" to "professional") and odds. If you are planning on gambling in land based casino, then you must memorize all of your knowledge since they would not allow you play at roulette or blackjack table with the book you learnt from. Anything you can learn you must take with you in your mind, but if you're going to play in online casino then it isn't a must, since you can sit with open books in front of your computer. For information about money management please read my article which can be found in my articles page.