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Reasons People Gamble

Definitions of gambling usually state that the primary intent of players engaging in the many different kinds of games of chance is monetary or material gain. After all, who doesn't want to win money?

Casinos display in big, bold and bright letters the amount of jackpot money that can be won by a lucky gambler, all with the aim of inviting - or more specifically, tempting - more people to join in the games. But the perks of gambling are more than just winning money.

In the ancient times gaining more wealth was not the main reason people gamble. They believed that outcomes determined by chance were controlled by supernatural beings, or what they often refer to as their gods. For instance, players who are lucky in gambling are perceived by the ancient peoples as favored by the gods. Ultimately, the results brought about by gambling were believed to be messages from these divine beings. Gambling devices like dice were even treated as objects of divination.

Hundreds of years later, gambling is still part of human civilization. The games have evolved into many different forms and variations, and the benefits that people get from gambling also grew. One of the biggest reasons why gambling is attractive to people is the challenge it brings to the players.

Famous gamblers like Blackjack experts Stanford Wong and mathematician Edward Thorp were mainly fascinated with how to beat the game consistently. The money, of course naturally followed, but geniuses like them are more interested in forming theories or perfecting the game. It was the science of the games that drew them to playing, such as the "mathematics of risk" that Thorp wanted to utilize at the gambling tables.

Others wanted to test their skills against other players and to gain more experience to increase their chances of winning. Just like any other game, players who win frequently gain the respect of their opponents and spectators.

Gambling can also be used by people for socializing. It is not rare for family gatherings to have card games like poker after having a meal together, or for colleagues who gamble together as a way to bond and unwind after a hard day's work.

There are also players who merely wanted to experience the thrill and adrenalin rush that gambling brings. It is always exciting to see how chance takes a part - or even decide fully - the outcome of the game. The unpredictability of the games of chance makes watching and participating in gambling even more exciting.

We all have our reasons for participating in games of chance. We may just want to experience fun and excitement, make new friends at the gambling table or prove and show off our skills as players in games of chance. Whatever our reason may be, one thing is for sure: gambling, with all the benefits it brings, is an indispensable part of human civilization.