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Gambling with Mahjong - Not Just for the Old Crowd Anymore

The game of Mahjong involves a certain amount of calculation, strategy, and skill, and of course, a certain amount of luck which differs greatly on the certain type of variation that one plays. In this game, luck can be a major factor in one's success in the game, however, depending on the variation; it may also play a very minimal role in the whole winning process.

The game of mahjong is played a lot in many various Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines and often times involves gambling for money. The amount of money can range from minimal amounts like up to twenty dollars, or it could be as much as what the cost of land would be. It is not surprising that some Asians who play the game would even go to the extent of gambling away their land or various properties like automobiles and the like when playing this game, and can be the cause of many quarrels amongst friends and even family in various Asian communities.

The popularity of the mahjong game today can vary depending on not just the variation of game play, but also can vary depending on what country it is played. And although the game is starting to gain popularity in the international online gaming arena, it is still a fact that this game is still more popular in the East than it is in the West. Often times, in countries like Japan, this game is typically played mostly by men and there is more emphasis on the game as a form of gambling rather than just a game played for fun.

There are various video games that have been developed showcasing mahjong which, in most instances, would involve the victor of the mahjong video game to be able to view pictures of females in skimpy clothing, or even no clothes at all. In China, mahjong is deeply embedded in the Chinese community's culture which can be viewed in various films in the cinema or in scenes on soap opera television. Many gambling movies that preview the mahjong game are also evident.

In the Philippines, it is mostly middle aged women who play the game. Usually, these middle aged women would be widows who have been left a good sum of money or amount of fortune by their deceased husbands. Having not a lot of things to occupy their time, these women would group up with other women of the same age group, usually in their early forties to their late sixties, spending the whole day playing the game as though it were a social event. There, they would serve good food, and some refreshments to entertain their guests. They too, gamble for money, but usually, it would be small and insignificant amounts.

Mahjong can be a game played for fun yet it is also a gambling game that is very popular in many Asian territories.